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Defib Caddy Polyethylene, Heated, Defibrillator Cabinet (Unlocked)

£499.00 £598.80 INC VAT


Main Body One-part moulded UV and impact resistant polyethylene, in Traffic Yellow (Green and Red colours are available, min order required). Double skinned for strength and insulation. All threaded fixing holes are moulded in, for increased strength and durability.

Door As per the Main Body, but filled with rigid PU foam for extra strength, with V0 flammability rating.

Lock Mechanical keypad with ‘Easy Code Pro’ feature that allows the end user to change the unlock code in as little as 10 seconds. Proven lock, used as standard for many years on thousands of external cabinets and enclosures around the UK. Lock maintenance instructions will be printed on an internal info sticker.

Heater 50W touch safe heater. On at 5C, off at 15C. The heater will only be on for short periods of time and raises the air in the cabinet up to 15C, in order to drive out any condensation and protect the AED’s electronics. Integrated thermostat with bimetal switch – there are no microchips or other complex electronics to fail (as you would find in other cabinets).

Light 3W LED strip with ON/OFF switch.

Example yearly power usage: Assume the heater is on for 1h per day, 4 months of the year, and the LED strip is kept on throughout the year.
Power Usage = (1h*365/3*50W) + (24h*365*3W)= 32 kWh
This equates to approximately £5 per year.

Electrical Statement A plug will not be supplied as standard, as we recommend the cabinets are hard-wired to a fused spur. The cabinets should also be connected to a circuit containing an RCD. 240V enters the cabinet and all components and connections within the cabinet meet double insulation standards (Class II), therefore no earthing is required.

Replacement Parts The design of the cabinet allows for any component to be easily replaced by the end user, in the unlikely event that a fault occurs. Enabling cabinets to be brought back online quickly.

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