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Frequently Asked Questions About Stock

Ongoing stock shortages are affecting almost every industry in the UK, including the supply for Defibrillators. Here at Defib Sales & Training Ltd, we are fortunate to have great relationships with our manufacturers and we will support your requests wherever possible. 

We do currently have good availability of SaverOne (Fully Automatic), Mediana A15 (Semi Automatic), Mindray C1A (Fully & Semi Automatic), Mindray C2 (Fully & Semi-Automatic) and iPAD SP1 (Semi-Automatic) Defibrillators so we can certainly look at offering alternatives should others be out of stock.

If the Defibrillator you would like is not currently available, it will show as ‘Available on backorder’ . What we recommend is that you do place your order, this will guarantee your place in the manufacturing & delivery process, along with being your quickest method of obtaining that item. Currently, manufacturing and dispatch is for the fulfilment of orders that have been placed and are ‘in line’. This is the same for all retailers in our industry and given the significant demand and backlog we see this as continuing for at least the rest of 2022.

We would love to help you in finding a solution that is right for you.

If you are unsure about anything, please get in touch. In the meantime, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions here:

Originating from the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein production was stopped. Manufacturing is back in progress, but manufacturers are now dealing with significant backlogs. Additionally, a global supply chain issue with microchips that some manufacturers use has only added to the delays in the manufacturing process. 

Furthermore, as Brexit proceedings have continued and the UK has now formally left the EU. As a result, the UK now requires the European Union to meet new regulations for all our medical equipment, including defibrillators. This is to ensure that in the UK, we maintain a high standard of quality and care for our healthcare. As a result of meeting these new requirements and adhering to compliance, some manufacturers are also experiencing further delays. 

All our brands and manufacturers have increased production and are keeping us well apprised of progress. These are an unfortunate set of circumstances. Fortunately, we are able to supply some brands of defibrillators that we do have in stock which are available to buy online now. 

Yes, as with all retail, we will take payment for any defibrillator or accessory at the time of purchase. The money you have paid ensures that your purchase is confirmed and placed in the appropriate position for dispatch meaning we get the stock in as soon as possible and this can then be shipped onto you sooner. 

To be fair to those waiting for their products, we are currently operating on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, wherein we are dispatching products in the order that they were purchased and paid for by customers.

We are liaising with our suppliers regularly and will endeavour to keep all our customers as informed as possible. At this stage, we are not able to accurately say when we will receive a delivery as the manufacturers are unable to give exact timings due to the fluid situation with their supply chains. When we have confirmed delivery, we will make all customers aware. 

You are entitled to cancel your order. However, these delays are being experienced throughout the industry and this is not something exclusive to Defib Sales & Training.  We strongly recommend that all customers keep their orders as this will be the quickest way to receive your equipment. 

No. With these items they will still have the same expected life span as if they were delivered as soon as you ordered. This is because there is a manufacturing delay, rather than a distribution delay, meaning that your products are not going out of date sitting in a warehouse. The products you receive will have the lifetime you expect. 

Contact Defib Sales and Training to see just how easy it is to save a life using an AED, whether you are a business or in the community.

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