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AWC004 Outdoor Insulated, Locked Cabinet

The Outdoor Insulated Locked Defibrillator Cabinet allows businesses and communities to house a defibrillator outside for public use in locations where it is not possible to supply electricity to the cabinet.

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Although it is always recommended to use a heated outdoor cabinet where possible, we understand that there are some locations where this is just not possible. This cabinet will allow you to have a publicly accessible cabinet and defibrillator in those more remote spots they are required, whilst keeping the Defibrillator secure and safe and offering some protection from the cold. The defibrillator should be housed in the Defibrillator Manufacturers jacket.

These cabinets have been installed in locations such as large fishery sites, popular forestry and walking locations where there are no power sources available. Custodians of defibrillators housed in insulated cabinets should regularly check on the defibrillators, especially during cold winters and should be aware that the battery in the defibrillator may deteriorate at a faster rate than one housed in a heated cabinet. Testing undertaken by West Midlands Ambulance Service has found no damage or reduced performance to the defibrillator pads from being stored in cooler temperatures. It would always be advisable to bring a defibrillator inside during particularly cold frosty periods and notify the local ambulance service the defibrillator is temporarily unavailable.

This cabinet comes with the additional canopy installed as standard and can be mounted on any wall or flat service, mounted on a pole using the Pole Mount Kit or mounted on a Plinth using the Plinth kit.

Product options:

Window £40

Raincover £70

Window & Raincover £100

Alarm/Beacon options:

Alarm £70

Beacon £70

Alarm & Beacon £120


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