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What is an AED defibrillator?

An Automated External Defibrillator or AED is the ideal solution for someone experiencing cardiac arrest as it is capable of providing a high energy shock to help restore the heart’s rhythm. 

While anyone can use them, it’s best operated by someone trained to do so effectively. If you require any information or training on using defibrillators, we also offer expert training by qualified specialists.

What’s the difference between Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Defibrillators?

Having a defibrillator in the workplace or community can help save lives, but it’s essential to know which type will best fit your requirements. We offer both options, but what’s the difference?

Both our fully automatic and semi-automatic AEDs will provide guidance to the user on how to operate the device and guide them through the process with clear steps. Each model will analyse the victim’s heart rhythm and determine whether a shock is required, but the functionality is slightly different.

Fully Automatic Defibrillators for sale

As the name suggests, fully automatic defibrillators take the pressure off the user and automate the entire process, automatically delivering the shock to the patient with little to no input required. 

This style is ideal for those who are more hesitant about using the device or perhaps are in a state of shock if treating a loved one. It does, however, mean that the rescuer will need to be careful that no one is holding the patient’s hand during treatment.

Semi-Automatic AED Defibrillators for sale

Semi-automatic AEDs work in a very similar way to the fully automatic style. However, it will ask the rescuer to press a button when they are ready to deliver the shock to the patient. 

This is important because it gives you more control over when the shock is delivered, so you can ensure there is no one touching the patient that might interfere with the procedure. This means that it is entirely reliant on user interaction to provide the treatment.

What is the difference in defibrillator prices?

Our scope of AED devices varies in cost depending on whether or not the model is fully or semi-automatic. Due to the advanced technology and features they boast, they can range from £700-£2500. Coupled with the knowledge that they can be the difference between life and death, AEDs are the only solution for cardiac arrest. Ultimately, no matter which defib you choose, it will serve the purpose of giving a person the best possible chance of survival.

Defibrillator accessories

Not only do we deliver quality defibrillators and industry leading training but also parts and accessories to existing devices for repairs, maintenance and ease of operation. This includes; batteries, replacement pads, training defibrillators and manikins, cabinets and signage.

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