What is World Heart Day?

World Heart Day is celebrated this year on the 29th of September. World Heart Day is a day to raise awareness of the different types of heart health and heart diseases that many people suffer with and may not have the information at hand to help them. The day was created by the World Heart Federation in conjunction with the World Health Organisation with the aim of getting people all over the world to take charge of their heart health. 

Why is World Heart Day important?

Cardiac care is so important and can affect many of us, that’s why being aware of your heart health and the resources that are available to help is vital.    

World Heart Day is there to raise awareness around the different types of cardiovascular diseases many people suffer with and how we as a society can improve our heart health. The day is there not only to discuss long-term heart diseases but also sudden events such as cardiac arrests. Cardiac arrests are very unpredictable and can happen to anyone anywhere. Knowing what to do in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest can be the difference to saving a life. 

Many people are not aware of the difference between a heart attack and a sudden cardiac arrest, the terms get used interchangeably however they are two very different situations. A sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart suddenly stops beating due to it malfunctioning, whereas a heart attack is when blood flow to the heart is blocked. When a person is experiencing a heart attack, they are usually conscious and breathing with the heart still pumping, however often a heart attack can lead to cardiac arrest.

Knowing and understanding the difference between the two will allow you to understand what measures to take and can subsequently be the difference between saving a life. 

What action can you take to support World Heart Day?

Sudden cardiac arrests are very common but also misunderstood. Being prepared is one of the best things one can do, learning how and when to use a defibrillator will provide you with this skill. A defibrillator is used when a person is having a sudden cardiac arrest, an unnatural heart rhythm such as chaotic patterns is detected, this is called being in a state of Ventricular Fibrillation (First Aid, 2023).  A defibrillator is then used to send a shock to return the heart to its normal rhythm. By being qualified to use a defibrillator you can save a friend or family member or even a passing stranger. 

How can purchasing a defibrillator support World Heart Day?

As mentioned, investing in a defibrillator will not be enough if the knowledge of how and when to use one is not known. Therefore, investing in both training and the correct defibrillator will help combat the unpredictability of sudden cardiac arrest. Defib offers training that can be provided at a location convenient to you and no prior experience is needed. If you’d like more information about the training, you can find it here. All our defibrillators we offer adhere to the British safety standards and regulations, a full list of the current defibrillators can be found here. Why wait, start saving lives today in aid of World Heart Day!