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SaverOne Fully Automatic defibrillator with training


This has to be the best value, high quality offer available anywhere. We will provide a world-class, European manufactured defibrillator, the SaverOne, along with comprehensive, certificated training in Basic Life Saving skills and the use of your Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for up to 8 of your team for just £990.00 + VAT. The training takes place at your choice of premises and takes up no more than 2 hours of anyone’s time. See Defibrillator / life-saving training for further details.

The SaverOne is a very lightweight and compact Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Giving clear, practical and intuitive instructions through the life-saving process, this European designed and built AED is ideal for all PAD applications including schools, sports facilities, offices, factories, hotels and airports… in fact anywhere that a quick response is needed.

The Fully Automatic model will guide the user through the application of pads on the victim’s chest, automatically analyse the patient for the need of a shock and, if this is decided, will automatically deliver the shock. As with all defibrillators, it will only shock if needed.

The SaverOne comes with a six-year warranty on the defibrillator and with a five-year life expectancy for the non-chargeable lithium battery. The pre-gelled pads should be changed after use or after 30 months. Paediatric pads are available for use on children under 8 years / under 25kg. The unit also comes complete with hard carrying case.

Replacement batteries and new electrode pads are available, as are defibrillator cabinets and signage.

Excl. VAT: £990.00

Incl. VAT: £1,188.00


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