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Mediana HeartOn A15 defibrillator


Adult/Child setting at the flick of a switch…

  • Suitable for all schools, clubs and groups
  • Automatically switches on when lid opened
  • Pads attached, ready for use
  • Pads fit both Adults and Paediatrics

This defibrillator comes with a protective outer case. When the unit is opened, using the easy-glide switch, it switches on automatically. The pads are connected and ready for use. A combination of LED lights and clearly spoken voice prompts make the defibrillator safe and easy to use, even for untrained users. Visual icons are clear and give the user real help. The invaluable addition of one set of pads for adults and paediatrics, facilitated by the flick of a switch, is ideal for areas used by a mix of ages. Saves money, stock and valuable time in an emergency.

Also available: This defibrillator + one of our certificated training events for only an extra £195 + VAT.

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Mediana HeartOn A15 explained:



1   COVER Protects the device.

2   CONNECTING SOCKET Defibrillator pads connector socket. The pads are always ready to use.

3   SPEAKER Clear audible instructions for real-time guidance.

4   VISUAL ICONS LED indicator lights flash correspondingly with the audible voice prompts.

5   ADULT/PAEDIATRIC SWITCH Easily switch from adult to paediatric mode without changing the pads.

6   IR PORT Infra-red Communication Port between PC and AED.

7   BATTERY Disposable LiMnO2 non-rechargeable. 2yrs shelf life, 5yrs standby life.

8   PADS Two-in-One Electrode (Adult/Paediatric).

9   STATUS INDICATOR Unit status, battery level status, and temperature range status.

10   SHOCK BUTTON Flashing button indicates “Ready for shock delivery.” Push the button to deliver shock.

11   OPEN SWITCH Slide the switch to the right to open the cover. Unit automatically turns on.

12   SD CARD INSERT Review stored data and software upgrade.


Excl. VAT: £995.00

Incl. VAT: £1,194.00


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